Time after Time
an award winning film by Mairéid Sullivan and Ben Kettlewell
celebrating the great heritage of ancient Celtic, North American and Australian peoples.

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Viewer Responses:

"...a wondrous production!"
Peter Spellman, Berklee School of Music, Boston, Massachusetts

"Yes! It's hypnotic. I must have watched it nearly a dozen times. It's brilliant!"
Bill Adler, publisher, Washington DC

"Beautiful and meditative, makes you look with awe at nature and history and people living in eternal time. Maireid has a beautiful voice and the songs and music are so well mixed with the transition of image upon image, like a visual harmony of the music. Congratulations!"
Chris Busa, Editor, Provincetown Arts, Provincetown, Massachusetts

"Absolutely gorgeous! Kudos to you both, the world can never reach saturation with something so positive and beautiful.  The angels are crying out for more.  It's the world's good luck that you can hear and answer their call."
Dermot Davis, playwright, Ireland/USA

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"Congratulations on a beautiful and soulful film! I particularly liked the emotional textures you created, both visually and musically."
Chuck Wild, Award winning composer/musician, Los Angeles, California

"Time After Time is a paean to our sacred artifacts and our Earth home, which makes one weep for the contrast it presents to how we are living and thinking in a world gone mad. The flowing imagery is gorgeous, while the music and poetry of the soundtrack are no less an evocation of the beautiful. Great soulful artists have produced a great soulful work!"
Suzanne Taylor, mightycompanions.com, Los Angeles, California

"Congratulations! It's breathtaking. It says everything there is to say about being fully human, fully alive! What a perfect marriage of sights and sounds. It gave me CHILLS. One moment you want to jump up and sing and dance, the next you want to weep, it's so moving. I'll treasure it always."
Kate Jacob, artist, Los Angeles, California

"Visually, it's stunning, surpassed only by the quality of the music."
Bernadette Price, Celtic Café, Oregon, USA

"I watched your production and I truly love it. As an ex A & R person (and a good one) I can tell you – you can sing! Very beautiful production and an outstanding work of art."
Phil Leahy, Melbourne, Australia

"The DVD exceeded my wildest expectations! I am so grateful!"
Julie Merrill, San Francisco, California

"It's really beautiful....high quality with heart and soul...magnificent! ...congratulations. I am very envious of your wonderful relationship and creative partnership."
Jeff Hutner, Ojai, California

"I was particularly enamored with the Native American segment of the America portion of the film. It is quite poignant and the depth of feeling is wonderful. My compliments. The rest of the film was equally enjoyable."
Charlie Balogh, musician, Phoenix, AZ

"I absolutely loved it, it is transformational; beautifully photographed and an exceptional capturing of (what I believe) is the true essence of life on this sphere. The music was so moving and palpable. It's such an important piece of work."
Loren Lindner, Ph.D. Psychologist, Los Angeles

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"Your DVD combines some of the world's most beautiful and mysterious imagery with the soundtrack of angels. I felt all the day's stress empty from my body as I was guided through three native cultures and their environment. This has to be the most stunning peace of art that I have experienced with my eyes, ears and heart - excellent work. You and Ben have created a masterpiece in a world of mediocrity. You don't need any awards from any film festival to measure your success because you have pleased me! Thank you for sharing your insights and talents with a stranger with the same surname and for exposing me to my audio and visual heritage! I have a feeling Ben and Your name will be up in lights!"
Neal A. Sullivan, architect, Martha's Vineyard, Massachusetts

"Just off the phone, from North Africa from an estatic Time after Time watcher. They loved it and wouldn't shut up about it!!! I thought our mobile phone was gonna go dead, they kept raving that much. They know us and had to ring to tell us how they loved it having received it only this morning (Sunday) and already watched it fully twice. They say they want more for friends."
The Bushducks, County Louth, Ireland

"I am not going to attempt to convey my emotions on viewing the DVD...there were just too many. Loved it, loved it, loved it ..."
Catherine Kay, Queen Medb Encampment, Los Angeles

"... full of graceful spirit and resonant soul. All things consumer culture neglects at its peril."
Cheryl Sourkes, Toronto, Canada

"It is truly a marvelous creation, a real symphony of sound and sight to bathe the soul, and I can envision playing it many times for shear enjoyment."
John Ashbaugh, Albuquerque, New Mexico

"With a wonderful blend of stiring music and moving images, this film presents a new view of the world around us.This film powerfully sets the rhythm of time in a beautiful way."
Leslie Palacio, Editor of Pathways Within, North Carolina

"Wonderful! It brings a sense of quietness, of unison with the "cosmos". The music blends in beautifully... I have difficulties to put my feelings in words. Great idea to put three apparently distinct cultures into perspective and showing how akin they are... The moment when illustrations from the book of Kells are blending with aboriginal paintings particularly touched me, as it is a core belief for me that humans are so similar except for the trivial details in which the devil lies..."
Laurent Leemans, musician, Belgium

"Having studied and taught cultural, musical traditions on a university level, I am absolutely in awe of Time After Time. I watched twice last night in sheer delight. What fun you must have had, shooting the video. The scenes in Ireland are utter eye candy and obviously I felt right at home in the Appalachia and western footage. The world, regardless of continent and socioeconomic strata, is indeed a small place as I remembered all too well jumping out of trees into the river on the dairy farm in the Lowcountry of SC where I grew up, laughing the same way the Aboriginal children did."
Barbara Long, music journalist, lecturer

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