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Organize your own film screening


To see the trailer and learn more about the award-winning film Time after Time,
visit the behind the scenes page.

Film screenings can provide an excellent opportunity for fundraising. Many venues, such as theaters, clubs, community centers, religious and spiritual centers, libraries, and schools have DVD film screening facilities.

While most film screening contracts require a deposit and a screening fee, PLUS a percentage of the ticket price, we charge a one-time screening fee only. You or your organization keep all profits from the event. DVDs are available at wholesale price for sale at screening events.

NOTE: We can edit posters to your design specifications at no charge.
Please email us to discuss details.

Screening fees help fund initiatives of the Global Arts Collective. If you would like to host a screening of the award winning film, Time after Time, please follow the instructions below.

Click on poster image to download 300 dpi printable of customizable poster.

How to Host a Screening

Individuals & Non-profit Organizations: e.g. humanitarian, heritage, educational, religious.
For-profit Companies: e.g. corporations, small businesses, consultants.

1. Fill out the online contract by clicking on
Host Screening Contract.

2. After you submit the Host Screening Contract, you'll need to pay the screening fee. (See below)

3. Next, you will receive a confirmation by email. Once your screening is confirmed, we will send you a Host Screening Package, which will include the DVD, and the poster art on CD.

4. We have provided additional downloadable print materials (like posters and press releases) to help you promote your event, which you can view by clicking on
Promotion Materials.


Submit Payment for Screening Fee

U.S. Dollars, Euros, Pound Sterling, Yen, Canadian Dollars
PayPal will automatically convert to your currency.
We will chose the appropiate format, NTSC or PAL
according to the country of destination, unless otherwise advised.

Non-profit Organizations & Individuals:
Single Screening/Single Location: USD$200.00

For-profit Organisations
Single Screening/Single Location: USD$450.00

Thank you for your interest in screening Time after Time!

NOTE: An institutional DVD is strictly for use in professional, commercial, but non-theatrical, settings. This is not a DVD for home use by individuals. The cost of an Institutional DVD is considerably more than a DVD for home use.

Purchasing an Institutional DVD and Performance License will enable you to show the film in public presentations, and in fundraising and commercial settings.

Contact us for more information