an award winning film...

by Mairéid Sullivan and Ben Kettlewell

"Rich, embracing and informative exhilarating example of visual
world music at its best."
Don Heckman, Los Angeles Times

"A coming together -
a sharing from the heart."
Bobby Bunningurr
Elder of the Maliburr tribe
Arnhem Land, NT Australia

"A lyrical and jubilant interpretation
of the human spirit through time and
cultures - a visual and aural feast to
remind us of our common harmonious ancestry."
Brian Kavanagh A.S.E. Film Editor
Australian Screen Editors Guild
Lifetime Achievement Award recipient

"...nothing less than a triumph of the eye and the imagination."
T.S. Kerrigan, American Reporter
Los Angeles, California

Behind the Scenes

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"Time after Time is a unique film. Its style is individual and yet familiar with many other films. The wildlife scenes as good as Microcosmos, and the capturing of people as good as Baraka. Time after Time's distinct soundtrack and content makes a great film." Darren Lambert,

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